About AFSA Carolinas

Our Mission

The American Fire Sprinkler Association Carolinas Chapter is a nonprofit organization composed of merit shop fire sprinkler contractors and associates located primarily in North and South Carolina.

We are professionals who are dedicated to the education and exchange of information that improves fire sprinkler awareness and safety. Our common goal is to save lives by promoting educational opportunities, as well as by collaborating with local agencies and organizations involved in fire safety.

Who we Are

AFSA Carolinas Chapter membership opportunities are open to all contractors, associates (suppliers and manufacturers), and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). Learn more about membership to AFSA Carolinas here.

Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of professionals involved with all aspects of fire sprinkler installation, operation and safety who are dedicated to life safety and the betterment of our industry.

Our commitment to educational opportunities, training, networking, and the most up-to-date standards and information is unsurpassed.

What we Do

AFSA National offers discounts, business insurance, business solutions, and many more perks for members.

Once you become a part of our local chapter, you will have access to a broad range of educational and networking opportunities. Some of these are outlined below:

  • Work with fire safety associations to promote fire sprinkler awareness, installation standards, and proper maintenance to save lives.
  • Provide access to local seminars, education, and training opportunities to help contractors offer customers the best service possible while remaining compliant with the latest codes and standards.
  • Work within North and South Carolina legislatures to improve current fire sprinkler issues, as well as watch for developments that may negatively impact merit shop contractors.
  • Host chapter meetings and events where members can network and exchange information.
  • Connect organizations to business solutions and assets to help grow businesses.
  • Provide the most current national and local news pertaining to current fire sprinkler issues, use and installation, and safety.
  • Foster relationships between chapter members to help improve networking and NextGen recruitment opportunities.
  • Promote engagement with local AHJ’s to improve fire protection regulation and foster a stronger working relationship.
  • Host fundraisers, golf tournaments, and other charitable events to help increase public awareness about the benefits of fire sprinklers.