Join AFSA Carolinas

Why Join AFSA Carolinas?

By joining the AFSA Carolinas Chapter, you will become part of a community of fire sprinkler professionals who work together to improve all facets of the industry, from increasing public awareness to preventing unnecessary regulations and legislative issues.

Industry Representation and Promotion

  • We work to protect fire sprinkler businesses within the Carolinas region by limiting unnecessary regulations and maximizing worker protection.
  • We monitor the state legislative process to protect our members and promote positive changes in fire safety regulation.
  • We strive to provide the most up-to-date information about local resources and help keep our members updated about news, legislative issues, and other developments in the fire sprinkler industry.
    We host local fundraisers and charitable events to promote public awareness of fire sprinkler use and fire safety.
  • We support the local community and aim to increase public awareness of both fire safety and fire sprinkler installation whenever possible. Some of our activities include displaying our Valve Demonstration Trailer at the North Carolina State Fair, and hosting an annual charity Golf Tournament.

Education and Training

  • We sponsor local training and educational opportunities which can help contractors ensure that their employees receive the training needed towards licensing credits.

Local Networking Opportunities

  • We host ten (10) local meetings at various locations across the state to provide networking opportunities and a forum for industry experts to exchange information.
  • We invite experts from the fire sprinkler and related industries (legal, insurance, legislative, etc.) to speak at many of our meetings in an effort to keep our membership up to date with regard to new changes, products and legislation that may affect their daily operations.

Benefits of AFSA Carolinas Membership

Education and Training

A knowledgeable and well-trained workforce is a long-term investment for quality work. With membership to AFSAC, you will have access to discounts for education and training.

  • Updates to installation codes and standards
  • Local training for contractors, system layout, and design
  • Local seminars and classes
  • Up-to-date industry news and information

Local Networking Opportunities

  • Meet with authorities in the field, plus network with peers to facilitate information sharing
  • Get involved with local community events, educational opportunities, committees, and conventions
  • Share products and/or services with local professionals
  • Help promote information sharing and create a better informed experience for all members

Free Legal Consultation

  • AFSA national members are entitled to a free initial legal consultation with an attorney who specializes in labor litigation
  • Referral to a local attorney who will help connect your business to a law firm to take on your case

Industry Representation and Promotion

  • AFSA Carolinas works tirelessly to promote fire sprinkler use and safety at both the state and local level
  • Increases awareness of new and developing issues within the industry
  • Increases public awareness of the benefits of residential fire sprinklers
  • Collaborates with local groups to help promote public awareness of fire sprinkler use and safety
  • Hosts a booth at the North Carolina State Fair to increase public awareness
  • Performs Burn Demonstrations with our ‘burn trailer’

Fill Out Our Application

Fill out the online member application (PDF).
If you have already filled out, printed, signed, and mailed this application, you may skip this step.

All new membership applications must be approved by the Board of Directors and will be considered for acceptance at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. No application will be considered until payment of dues is received. If, for any reason, membership is denied to the applicant, AFSA Carolinas Chapter will refund the dues payment in full.

Pay Membership Dues

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You mail a check to our PO Box:

AFSA Carolinas
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